30 nov 2010

Medical Diagnostics B4B-Connection / Montpellier, 30 novembre 2010


European players in the Medical Diagnostics field get together!

Remember the first edition of Medical Diagnostics B4B-Connection, with its nearly 140 participants?
Among other positive outcomes, that event led to the signature of a strategic international partnership between the Eurobiomed competitiveness cluster and the Belgian cluster BioWin, focusing on medical diagnostics with EuroMeDiag in particular.
The cornerstone of a European foundation. And how things have moved forward over the past year!

Already registered for the event. What about you?

RD-Biotech (Biotechnologie), Beckman Coulter Genomics (Services en biologie moléculaire), Genewave (diagnostic moleculaire), Alma Consulting Group (Conseil), Optimal Medicine Ltd (Biotechnologie, personalised medicine, Royaume Uni), CEMA (circuits microfluidiques), CTTM (CRT), Dendris (concepteur de diagnostics in vitro), CHU Toulouse (Diagnostic in vitro), BIOS Chemicals (R&D chimie fine), MS Health (recherche clinique et épidémiologie, Maroc), PX'Therapeutics (proteines therapeutiques, Anticorps monoclonaux), Biostatem (prestataire de services en recherche clinique et en épidémiologie), Diagdev (produits basée sur l'instrumentation), Cryopep (diagnostic medical hémostase), AD-DM Consulting (société de conseil), Histalim (biotechnologie), C-REG Medical (Réglementation des dispositifs médicaux et in vitro, Genepep (Biotech chimie), SiaMed'Xpress (Diagnostic DIV), I2A (Diagnostic Médical), ICDD (Toxicité prédicitive et biomarqueurs), Lorang (financement européen de l'innovation), EuroMeDiag/Eurobiomed (pôle de compétitivité), SysDiag (Diagnostic Medical), Keyrus Biopharma (Recherche Clinique Diagnostic), Proteodynamics (Services in Therapeutic Protein and Glycoprotein Analysis, Glycomic Research), Apoh-Technologies (DIV), Horiba Medical (Conception et commercialisation instruments diagnostic in-vitro (hématologie et chimie clinique), Institut Mérieux (Recherche), Skuldtech (Biomarqueurs et Diagnostics), Sikemia (Chimie - Fonctionnalisation de surface), Sigma Aldrich (Services in Life Science), I2S (Biomed, sous-traitant DIV oem automates), C2 Diagnostics (Diagnostic), Bio-Rad (Diagnostic médical), Biolux Medical (biotechnologie), Mercodia (Diagnostic Diabète, Obésité, CVD, Suède), Lyofal (lyofilisation), Ulys (juridique, Belgique), Ciloa (production de protéines membranaires fonctionnelles), Ingen Biosciences (Industrie Pharmaceutique), Oxoid (diagnostic clinique, sécurité alimentaire, contrôle environnement), Arvato services healthcare (Prestations logistiques), Gilson (fabricant et fournisseur de matériel de laboratoires), GTP Technology (biotechnologie), Indatech (spectroscopie), Profilome (Kits de dépistage de cancers), BtoB Design (Conseil en Communication), Amylgen (R&D en biotechnologie), Experts Conseils Associés (Conseil), Cabinet Regimbeau (Conseil en Propriété Industrielle), GIGA (Groupement Interdisciplinaire de Génoprotéomique Appliquée, Belgique)...

An event in collaboration with


and its guest EuroMeDiag, the Medical Diagnostics workgroup of the Eurobiomed cluster


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Now establishing Medical Diagnostics for Europe!

This year, as part of the plan to expand EuroMeDiag's European partnerships, numerous Spanish and Italian compatriots will attend this event.

And many others too!

The second edition of this event is being held in Montpellier on Tuesday November 30, 2010, sponsored by Montpellier Agglomération.

The very definition of a multi-disciplinary activity, as well as a sector undergoing exponential growth, medical diagnostics brings together diverse scientific knowledge from fields ranging from biochemistry and robotics to mathematics and computer science.

These fields and more have been firmly established in the Montpellier Agglomération area for many years, where medical tradition is among the oldest in the world, and where the medical diagnostics sector represents over 350 million Euros in revenue. Several industry leaders are based in this region, including world-class companies such as BioRad, Horiba Medical, Cisbio International, Cezanne - Thermo Fisher Scientific and DMS Apelem.

"For a long time, the diagnostics profession was considered as second-class research with respect to drug research. At the same time, this sector is clearly just as complex as the drug sector," says Franck Molina, Director of Sysdiag, a joint BioRad and CNRS research laboratory.

Increasingly precise personalization of analyses and treatments is leading to a growing number of tests as well as a "increased needs, demand, business and the requirement to rethink the diagnostics field and its relationship with therapeutics," he adds.

A top quality medical diagnostics sector with a strong international profile is emerging in the Mediterranean region

To support the dynamic nature of this sector, Montpellier Agglomération has organized this second B4B-Connection Buzz4bio, dedicated to medical diagnostics.

As part of this action, the EuroMeDiag workgroup will take the center stage to present the progress of its projects over the past year.

EuroMeDiag was created as an initiative by medical diagnostics companies in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, and is now integrated in the Eurobiomed human health competitiveness cluster. This workgroup, now encompassing the Languedoc-Roussillon and PACA region and seeking to expand on a pan-European level, unites both public-sector and private organizations involved with medical diagnostics.

Given the most recent evolutions in health care, particularly with respect to personalized medicine, the development of "companion" tests for individualized therapy, and the need to discover new biological markers to improve treatments, the medical diagnostics field is being driven forward, accompanied by extremely high levels of innovation and investment in the coming years.

Even though they may be competitors, these industry players are convinced that cooperation is the best tactic and have therefore decided to pool their energy to create a regional zone in the near future that will be clearly identified internationally as representing the leaders in biological medical diagnostics, and to help attract investment, human resources and new companies.

EuroMeDiag seeks to include all players in the medical diagnostics field operating in the Mediterranean region to create the best possible conditions for international visibility. This objective is all the more legitimate because the diversity and dynamic approach of the people and companies in this sector in the south of France are unique in Europe.

With that in mind, it makes complete sense to focus on the goal of promoting a veritable regional sector that covers education, research, and clinics, as well as developing and using new products and services related to medical diagnostics. If the expected excellence is achieved, EuroMeDiag should become a true, internationally recognized "Diagnostics Bay."

This day is the ideal opportunity for everyone involved in this sector to get together in the heart of the medical diagnostics community and meet the other French and European players working in the same field.

  • Come present your company (2 of 10 slots are still available)
  • Sponsor the event to position your organization as a major player in medical diagnostics, and take advantage of all the communication benefits related to the event
  • Attend the day-long event and fill up on contacts and information

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