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Innovation & New Trends in Vaccine Industry B4B-Connection

24-25 novembre 2015, Toulouse
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Biomanufacturing # 5, Cell and Gene Biotherapies

3-4 février 2016, Evry Genopole
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Start-up Summer in red biotech industry: a gentle slope...

The first start-ups have answered the call from our special edition dedicated to the second start-up boost!
Others are ready to take action, currently writing their own article.
Who's be the next?
In September we will get a special edition gathering all articles published during the summer.
If you are a red biotech start-up, it would be a shame not to have your article in it...
I can't wait to meet you, just like our 12 000 subscribers ...
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Innovation and new trends in the vaccine industry : it's taking shape !

Our website is now in both langages English & French.
Indeed, facing such demands of European players, our event will definitely be in English.
It's also such a good way to increase the audience and the interest of our event.
We are delighted to welcome Benedikt Timmerman, Genticel CEO – Belgian who moved to Toulouse - who agreed to be our guest of honor and to introduce the topic "Innovation and new trends in vaccine industry: overview". He will be by Julien Isoard' side, Isy Bio CEO – Toulouse resident who moved to Belgium - with whom we have built this event. Julien will animate conferences and debates in tandem with Benedikt.
We're convinced the two of them are the symbol of what Europe must be... Virometix (Switzerland) and Provepep (France) will provide a magnificent tandem conference (or trio) on the synthetic vaccine topic. Ig Green (Belgium) and Valneva (France) are also in the running to ensure Coffee Conference (new duo conference concept) "New Expression system: plant vs animal vaccines based vaccines" InnaVirVax (FR), issued from Genopole, will address HIV Vaccine strategy meanwhile DC Prime (NL) will tackle Dentritic Cell approach for cancer vaccine.
We are still awaiting the feedbacks of several jewels of vaccine crown, who will introduce the most recent and exciting topics in the field, such as key challenges of infectious diseases (Malaria, Ebola, Dengue...), Virus Like Particle approach, the complexity of mucosal vaccine development, the attempt to offer an universal vaccine ...). All components are now gathered to create an extraordinary event, at home in Toulouse, at the very feet of Buzz4Bio office...
All the ingredients are put in place to allow the best players in vaccines to exchange and be engaged into substantive business relationships in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

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Biomanufacturing # 5, Cell and Gene Biotherapies

With the exception of minor changes, our program is now completed. We already know the speakers.
In addition to Genopole of Evry, our longstanding partner which ordered us this event five consecutive times, Genethon will host a particularly expected conference on gene therapy in the era of industrialization. Its participation is especially important as Genethon - which has been winner of World Innovation Contest - develops ambitious new industrial projects on Genopole.
We'll also set-up a conference debate entitled "Integrating regulatory constraints: conducting dialogue with the agencies" with the Genethon Regulatory Department in connection with the MSNA.
On the industrial side, CELLforCure and LFB group have agreed to share their experiences on QbD for cell therapies and interaction modes between Pharma / SME / SMI / academic.

CMO Clean Cells will talk about its iincorporation into C4C Consortium, first French technical industrialization platform, enterely dedicated to the manufacture of cell therapy products .
Genosafe , spin-off of Genethon, will deal with special features linked to pre-clinical studies in cell and gene therapies through the explanation of various case studies.
Finally, we would like to share an SME / CHU partnership for the production of a DNA therapy Medicine .
Cherry on the cake, for the first time , the Champagne Connection will discover different Champagnes ( Brut, Rosé , Millesime ... ) in the presence of its producer who came in purpose to explain how sugar dosage is done ... astonishing speech...
So many exciting and very productive exchanges on the subject.
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Added value of B4B-Connections: strong interaction between participants, generating links, ideas and source of business.
The latest innovation is a thematic HUB that allows participants of B4B-Connections, via a collaborative Platform, to stay in touch, collaborate, interact all along the year until the next event.
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