09 dec 2009

Innovation in drug delivery

3 - 6 octobre 2010, Aix en Provence, France

After the first "Innovation in Drug Delivery" which took place in Naples (2007) with special emphasis on Biomaterials and Devices, APGI and ADRITELF are pleased to announce the second conference of the series.

This time, we will follow the different steps of the drug delivery system creation: from preformulation to formulation and industrial development, and highlight the role of precise tools for the characterization and evaluation at each level of the process. The programme will include plenary and invited lectures as well as oral contributions. The plenary lectures will also treat topics beyond drug delivery. There will be technical sessions devoted to specific scientific equipment.
The conference will take place in Aix-en-Provence. You will discover the unique and charming alliance of history, with its palace, cathedral and mansion houses, literature with Zola and painting with Cezanne, and of modernity with its university as well as its international festival of lyric arts. You will enjoy walking in the small quiet streets of the centre and discover cafés, restaurants, fountains, flower markets and elegant shops. Aix is easily accessible by car, train or plane. We are sure that you will take this opportunity to discover the surrounding Provence. More information


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C'est la part des partenariats de recherche dans le domaine du cancer

ENSTBB : Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Technologies des Biomolécules de Bordeaux

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STEMCELL Technologies communique sur ses produits et services.

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Culture Cellulaire vol.2

cell culture vol2 270

Pour la seconde édition, nous traiterons encore à la fois de la culture cellulaire pour la R&D mais aussi pour la Bioproduction.
Tous les acteurs y sont attendus qu'ils soient à la R&D de médicaments, producteurs de solutions, fournisseurs de matériels et solutions innovants, industriels, CMO, CDMO, CRO etc...

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Bioproduction vol.9 Industrialisation et Usine 4.0

IMG 1494
Retour en images des différents tempos de l'événement à l'Ecole Usine EASE de Strasbourg !

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